Awakening is a process of expanding awareness beyond thinking and attachments. The mind (ego) loves attaching to things Awakening-calls-KumaraInstituteto create reality and meaning. Awareness will eventually take over thinking and then thinking becomes the servant to awareness. Awareness is Presence; consciousness without thought.

This is when you can shift awareness from limiting habitual thoughts to something else and experience a greater freedom and make a conscious change.  A new reality can’t be born based from old paradigms. You want to create new models in your mind for liberation to develop.

Here’s a perfect example – if you are a crafts-person, artist, coach and selling products for $1,000.00 and want to up level them to $5,000.00. The ego (narrative in the mind) will stop the increase based on what’s programed in the unconscious mind and what you have learned from past experiences.

This process isn’t only about money it can relate to anything in life: personal relationships, career and spirituality. I’m certain you’ve experienced this in one form or the other. You want to make change but lack the know how to actually do it.

Imagine the mind as a vinyl record and pick up the needle of the record player and move it to another part of your mind—a part that is calmer and more at peace or to a place of something you want to manifest.

Every time you want to understand something you’re calling in the ego for its opinion. This action perpetuates limitation. It’s as if, you want the ego’s opinion for some reason perhaps there’s a lack of personal trust.

Slowing Down

To take the focus off autopilot reactions in life, takes practice and becoming self-aware of thoughts and experiences. You’ll need to be aware of the moment you begin to feel the fear or sense self-sabotage. This takes slowing down and feeling the moments of life.

However, you don’t want the mind to re-hook into the experience and make a judgement about it. Instead, you want to pass through experiences without hooking back into them and especially not making a negative comment about the experience. In doing so, you create space in your conscious mind for enlightening awareness to surface.

Work on disconnecting yourself from fear or anger and experience life’s moments without attaching to them. The “ego” mind always tries to create identity from past experiences. It’s trying to find the original experience to latch onto. Unless you want to live in the past don’t latch onto anything, rather you want to stay completely neutral.

When thinking ceases to be overly active you’ll view life differently. You’ll realize life isn’t coming at you—you are creating life from within you and projecting it out into your world and creating reality.

Neutralizing the effects of emotional memory is the key to awakening. In the next Awakening Series you’ll be taken through a process to change how you identify with personal limitation. Register HERE.

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