12 11, 2017

Purify your Body Temple Meditation

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Purify Your Body Temple is a guided healing meditation to transform your emotions.  “Purify your Body Temple” transforms limiting habits and behaviors.  Release stuck energy and journey deeper into the inner self. The first three chakras are the subconscious of the body and where we hold the most of amount of emotional energy. Sign up […]

20 08, 2017

Meditation Lab

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Make a Date to Meditate —Meditation is a powerful tool for so many things. Use meditation to become calmer and less stressed, before surgery and to calm the mind.  Good for beginners, intermediate and advance practitioners. Learn more and join us in person. Register here.

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12 05, 2017

Make a Date to Meditate

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Meditation is one of the most effective practices to help you achieve inner peace and calmness. It reduces the day’s stress, and allows you to remain composed through the many situations you encounter at home, work and your social life.

A thousand-year-old practice that originated as a means to allow a deeper connection to individual consciousness, […]