12 02, 2018

Mindfulness 101

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Mindful Challenge to You

Here’s the first step to being mindful. When you speak about yourself in conversation with others use the word “I” rather than the word “you” when referring to your personal experiences.

So the challenge to you is, carry on a conversation about your experiences without saying the […]

25 08, 2017

30 Mindful Practices

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Practices that keep you in the moment.

  1. Turn off the TV
  2. Ground yourself with simple breath awareness
  3. Acknowledge you don’t know everything
  4. Face your fears and frustrations
  5. Write out your goals. Start weekly, grow to monthly, yearly
  6. Be still for 10 minutes every day
  7. Don’t forget to forgive
  8. Send yourself and others loving kindness especially […]